We Have A Great Incentive Program to get High-end customers into your showrooms

Finally ready-to-go!

Two Years In The Making…

My name is Jack Charles. I’m an engineer, movie producer, low-handicap golfer and the President of The Royal Lifestyle Corp. based in Miami, Monaco and Dubai. Over the last couple of years, I have designed a great incentive program that will drive lots of folks into your showrooms for test drives. The program is geared towards the kind of customers that can afford your products, namely, GOLFERS!

Briefly, this is how the program works…

Customer comes into your showroom, salesperson takes him/her for a test drive and gets prospect’s information.

The next day, salesperson calls customer back and tells him/her to come pick up “The Putter.” Thus,  the salesperson gets two chances to make the sale.

The golf club the customer is getting is our brand new “The Putter.”  This club is going to change the game for the average golfer as it takes away the fear of putting. It will have a great appeal, in particular to ladies and seniors as it is so easy to line up and roll towards the hole.

  • 71% of golfers use Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter
  • 49% of golfers have a net worth over $250,000
  • 90% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are golfers
  • 32% of golfers own at least 3 vehicles
  • 47% plan on buying a car within a year
  • 56% spent over $30,000 on their last vehicle
  • There are approximately 25 million golfers in the U.S.
  • 23% are female golfers (that demographic is growing rapidly.)
jack in black jacket in car showroom

“Close More Deals”

IMPORTANT! Salesperson Gets Two Chances To Close Customer.

car salesman holding a golf putter

Statistics show that when a prospect returns to a dealership a second time, the salesperson’s closing ratio is 60% higher!

“THE PUTTER” is the golf club the customer is getting after having done a test drive. I designed this putter for you and your customers. This club is going to change the way the “short-game” is played as it takes away the fear of putting. Lining up the ball for a shot becomes a “breeze” and the way the ball  gently “ricochets” off the steel balls built into the back of the club makes the ball roll towards the hole much like a rabbit running “home;” jumping into the hole.”

~ Jack Charles, President, The Royal Lifestyle

putter presentation collage

Note: We believe this putter is the perfect club for the promotion. So much so that we offer the first five putters free of charge to ea. dealership to show that the program will work.


We will produce A 30 second TV-spot AT NO CHARGE TO YOU!

Your 30 sec. “spot” will be shown into millions of homes, plus the promotion will be “aired” all over the Internet with ad campaigns implemented on all major social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. All ad messages are adapted  to PC’s, tablets and mobile phones.

Please take a moment to watch the video. This was a TV-ad idea/outline we made for the the U.S. market.

We will customize a 30 second TV-ad for you and let you approve the script. Plus, we will also “air” it at NO CHARGE to you.

car salesman and lady car buyer signing
film crew shoot of a person in a car

Create Online "Buzz"


Free tv-spot

Direct Mail campaigns

Local events & radio-ads

Facebook “Likes” & “shares”

Twitter Promotions

INSTAGRAM postings

Word-of-mouth (golfer peers)

“Free-appeal” (Club/test Drive)

Great Appeal to ladies and seniors

hot prospects

Create More Sales And Revenue

Most golfers own or drive luxury cars. Many of them are country club members and “Ladies” and “Seniors.”  This particular demographic, ladies and seniors, also hold most of the disposable income. Having worked hard all their life, they now want to enjoy themselves.

Most of them cannot hit the ball far and straight or, make decent consistent puts. With that in mind, we created “The Putter” with the “average” golfer in mind so he/she can enjoy a round of golf hitting puts with more ease, power and accuracy.

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